Thursday, May 13, 2010

The First Post

All right so I am trying something new, I have a YouTube page (, and an Etsy site ( so I thought a blog would be the next logical step in my creative internet postings. I have no idea how dedicated I will end up being with this since in the past I have had a lot of problems being motivated to continue to do projects but I thought I might be a little more dedicated to this since it might help me in the long run. Who knows if anyone will actually follow this though. So I guess I should give a little background information for those that might not know.

I'm a 27 year old graduate student studying Educational Psychology. Basically learning about why people learn. I know it sounds really dorky, and is, but I enjoy it and one day hope to work for Sesame Workshop, or someone like them, creating educational children's television shows like Sesame Street. I'm a kid at heart which is most likely why I have so many hobbies, I have always loved creating something out of nothing. I'm a chronic insomniac, so many posts may show up at the wee hours of the morning but I tend to get more done at 3am than I do at 3pm. This also explains why many papers for school are written in one all night session in one sitting rather than over the three month span of class. This also explains a lot of my grammar and spelling errors, but not all of them, I don't spell well and grammar was never a strong subject for me. I'm rambling though...

I got into paper crafting to save money. I wanted to make my own holiday cards so I bought a rubber stamp, pre-made card bases, and got to work. My first cards were crude, but they served their purpose and got me into the hobby. When my sister decided to make a scrapbook for my grandparents wedding anniversary I decided to help. I discovered a new world of designer papers, embellishments, and ribbons. I was hooked and now have more money tied up in the hobby than I would like to admit (I buy a lot of things that I "think" I will use one day). My sister and I have card making days when she comes to visit and we have a blast. I try to do a weekly video on my YouTube channel, Weekly Card, and I also sell some of the finished products on my Etsy site. Here's just a peek at some of my work:

As I begin to post about my other hobbies I will try and give you a background about how I got into them as well. For tonight though I think one hobby is enough to talk about. =)

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