Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I'm on a quest this year to get some of my half finished projects that have been lying around for forever finished.  This can be easier said than done though since many of these projects are quilts and I don't have the space to quilt them myself.  That's one of the disadvantages to living in an apartment.  So in order to finish some of these projects I need to make some money so that I can send the quilts that are too big for me to finish, off to a long arm quilter who does have room to finish them for me.  This means I've been updating my Etsy shop ( with some projects that I've had around for a while.  Yes some of them you have probably seen before, but there are some new things too, so don't totally think I'm not giving you anything new!


Why Etsy? This is a question that I've been asked quite a bit recently since I used to post more on Facebook rather than Etsy. Well there will still be things posted to Facebook that are for sale, but I've noticed that since Facebook changed their format again it's more difficult for people to find the items that are for sale, as opposed to just being showcased.  I've also had some problems with payment, and although I know this doesn't apply to everyone, Etsy protects both me as a seller, and you as a buyer much more than I can through Facebook. Not to mention I'm only able to accept PayPal for the items I post on Facebook, where Etsy gives you many more purchasing options that I can't provide otherwise.  I'll still post some things for sale on Facebook, and I'll still do special orders on a case by case basis, but especially for bigger ticket items I'll be using Etsy much more.

I'm able to provide some more time to my crafts right now, this is both a good and a bad thing, but I'm aiming to see the positive in it.  With more time devoted to it, I'm hoping that this will also mean more money from it.  I would still love to see this small business become so much more! I know it most likely won't ever become more than just a side business for fun, but it's nice to dream, lol.

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