Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crazy Daisy Quilt

Well it took a while, mainly waiting time for the longarm quilter to return it, but the Crazy Daisy Quilt that I began back in May is now finished and up for sale on my Facebook page!

The front of the quilt.

The back is a geometric green pattern that can also be found in some of the square on the front.

A detailed look at the quilt.  The actual quilting is a stipple pattern, and I pieced it using a disappearing 9-patch pattern using 2 charm packs.
Now that this quilting project is complete I have begun several others!  I know I may have a small quilting problem, lol.  While Crazy Daisy was away for a month being quilted I began a twin sized quilt using a friendship braid pattern.  I'm now in the process of choosing a layout and adding sashing to it.  This is my progress so far, but I want to add some more fabric to make it a fuller and longer twin quilt.  I'm thinking some yardage of one of the red patterns would look really good with it.  I'll just have to order it, and wait for it to come in before I can do anymore to this project.  I'm also going to be joining an online quilt along where someone posts a pattern and you can make the pattern and create a quilt at the same time as they are.  The theme for this quilt along?  Super Mario Brothers.  This is going to be a Christmas gift, and I think the recipient is going to flip out when he sees it.  He's a video game junkie.  I've also created my first ever paper pieced pattern myself!  A quilting website that I love is having a contest to make a music themed quilt block, so I decided now was as good a time as any to learn how to make my own pattern.  So I made a Book of Mormon Musical quilt block.  I now have grand plans to create a Musical quilt at some point in time, lol.  So many ideas, so little time!!!

The basic layout I'm playing around with.
What the finished quilt from the Super Mario quilt along will look like! (hopefully, lol)

My Book of Mormon Musical quilt block that I made a paper pieced design and pattern for!
 And don't think that I have neglected other forms of crafting!  Although I'm making a lot of quilts lately I have done some crocheting as well.  I had a special order a few weeks ago for a purple hat and scarf that I finished over the weekend and got mailed out, as well as beginning another round ripple afghan that I'll be giving to a friend as a gift since I have never given her anything I've made and she's been dropping hints for some time, lol.  So no picture of the round ripple afghan till it's done and she has it so that it's a surprise, but here is the hat and scarf.

Ignore the "model", lol.
For the record, I really HATE crocheting hats.  I can do them, but they are a real pain in the butt and not my favorite thing to do.  One of the reasons I began crocheting was that it was something that I could do without a lot of other thought.  I could be watching a movie, and making a blanket at the same time.  Able to give attention to the movie and the blanket without too much stress.  Unfortunately hats make me count...every stitch!  So I have to be able to give my undivided attention to the project which means I get frustrated, and bored, quickly.  So I don't make many hats for this reason, lol.

I haven't gotten into card making in a long time!  I know this is disappointing to some people since those were really the first crafts I shared, but I think I just need to do some other things for a while now that I have some other projects to do.  In the winter I crochet a lot, because you often end up with a lot of the bulk of a project sitting in your lap so doing this in 90 degree weather isn't appealing.  I think in the summer I will sew a lot.  It doesn't have the problem crocheting has where you have the bulk of a project in your lap, and I also know it takes some time to have a longarm quilter quilt my pieces and this is often a slow time for them.  I think card making is an any other time project for me.  In the fall I'll begin to make Holiday cards since there will be a demand for them at that time, but there really aren't a lot of card giving holiday's in the summer, lol.  Who knows, I could also just be in a funk.  =)

No "Big Girl" job yet, so Handmade Heart is still my main focus right now.  Be sure to keep up with me on Facebook since most everything gets posted and talked about there first!  I'll be sure to keep posting what I'm up to.  <3

Monday, July 2, 2012

Farmers Markets?

Hey everybody! Sorry things have been a little sparse lately, the fact is that although I love Handmade Heart I can't survive on the income from this business alone.  So I've had a busy couple of weeks interviewing for jobs and dealing with other of life's many stresses!

I have still been crafting though.  I'm currently working on an order of a crocheted hat and scarf made from some amazing yarn!  I've also been working on some other quilted bags for special orders and just for fun.  Apparently purses are the thing right now, and I'm good with that since they are quick projects for the most part.  I'll be post a few that I have made on Facebook for sale, but there are some on my Etsy business page too so be sure to check both places out if you are interested in a handmade, hand quilted purse.

In other new, I personally love farmers markets!  I think they are a great way to get local, fresh items in your community.  Farmers markets don't seem to be a popular around here for fresh produce, I guess that's mainly because of the limited growing season.  The markets tend to have a lot of local artists and premade goods at them though.  This got me thinking, maybe I should think about a booth at one of these markets to sell some of the items that I have made.  Although I don't have a lot, and I don't think I'd sell a lot of afghans or full quilts (frankly who wants that stuff in the summer!) I do think I could sell some cards, purses, and clothing.  What do you guys think?  Should I consider getting a table for a few weeks?  Let me know!

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated about what I'm making/learning, and know that even when I do get a "big girl" job Handmade Heart will still be very important.  <3