Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back with a Vengence!

So I've been a little busy!  Unpacking, organizing, and (finally!!) CRAFTING!!!!!  Okay I cannot convey the depth of my joy as I pulled Veronica (my sewing machine) out of her box and turned her on for the first time in over SEVEN months!!!  I've been a sewing fool ever since then!  Yes I still have a few boxes that need to be unpacked still, and I need to get things in their homes still, but I had to craft for a little while, I mean it has been SEVEN months!!!  I never thought that it would have taken this long to get everything out of storage and set up in a new place again.  Well things happen.

My mom came and visited last week, which was lots of fun, but it also stalled the progress of things a bit.  I'm still trying to get things organized.  Even got a new work table to help, but the fact is that I have a lot more crafty stuff than I thought I did!  I've run across a lot of things I already had made, but didn't sell before I moved.  So be sure to go over to my Facebook page where I'm selling some of them there before I put them up for sale over on Etsy.  There is a load of cute stuff, and I'm finishing more and more every day!

So here is a taste of the things I've found, and a few of the things that I have made recently.  Enjoy and look for a lot more happening soon! <3

Quilted Purse

12-Month Crocheted Baby Pullover

Crocheted Baby Ripple Afghan

Crocheted Baby Color Block Afghan

Baby Sling

Crocheted Car Seat Blanket

Crocheted Hooded Toddler/Baby Afghan

Crocheted Granny Square Scarf

Quilted Purse

Crocheted Round Ripple Afghan

Crocheted Scrappy Granny Afghan

Crocheted Scrappy Granny Afghan

Crocheted Adult Shrug

Quilt Top

Simple Baby Quilt