Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm still here...

I know, it's been a while since I posted...sorry. I have been slammed with school (final weeks of the semester...pray for me!!!!), a cold, Thanksgiving, and a new kitten. Between all of this I have barely found time to sleep, yet alone craft. Although my mother did teach me how to sew over Thanksgiving since I am picking up a new hobby, quilting. Mom bought me a little kit with fabric pieces already cut and you just had to sew them all together. This is what I ended up with:

I'm not going to show you what the back looks like, let's just say I learned some lessons on keeping your seems flat. I have caught the bug now, and I'm asking for a sewing machine for Christmas. Hopefully though this won't turn into another craft that I do for a little while and then give up on.

Anywho, I also have rescued the cutest kitten I named Luna. She's about 5 months old which means that I basically have a child. She demands a lot of attention. For instance, did anyone else not know that cats teethed?! It's true between 5-7 months of age kittens get their adult teeth. So that means the kitten teeth have to go! I freaked out when I found Luna in my kitchen playing with one of the teeth that she had lost! The vet laughed at me when I called in a panic. She then told me that unlike children, cats teeth will grow in behind the kitten teeth until they fall out. All I heard was that she will have two rows of teeth for a while, which means her bites are going to hurt for a while!! In any case she is a purr monster who loves to snuggle when she isn't being a crazy kitten, and she stole my heart from minute one!

Needless to say she has also become the most recent subject of ALL of my photography lately. It's all right since she doesn't seem to mind.

I hope to get some crafts done soon, but I think it will be another two or three weeks before that happens since that is when my papers are due for classes. After this though only one more semester till I graduate!!!!! On a final note, it looks like I won't be doing the craft fair like I thought I was going to. There was some miss communication and I ended up not having a table, so please go to my etsy site and buy some cards, and afghans. In the next few weeks I'm going to try and have all of that updated with new stuff, and add to what is already there. There's a link in the sidebar to get to my page on etsy. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE support my work, I don't have any other form of income right now so your support will be a HUGE help with living expenses and helping me get on my feet when I graduate.

Thanks guys and hopefully it won't be as long to my next post. =)