Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When In Doubt...Crochet!

Well ladies and gents, I'm still not moved yet.  This means I still don't have my crafting stuff.  :-(  It's looking like I'm going to be buying my Christmas cards this year, which makes me sad since I haven't done that in years, but such is life.  Hopefully next year will bring new surroundings for me, and return me to my craft stuff!

Even though I don't have my sewing machine, and scrapbooking/card making stuff, I do have my crochet hooks!  Most of the yarn I have is in storage too, but I have purchased some and I've been crocheting to give me something to do to fill that crafty hole!  I finished a baby afghan the other day.  I think it is super cute, and will eventually be placing it on etsy.  The pattern takes a bit of time, simply because in the petal squares you have to change yarn color almost every row.  It turned out lovely though!

I've already begun on a new hooded afghan for a baby since I needed something simple to do after that beast!  It's also the only pattern I remember how to do by memory since all my patterns are, you guessed storage! I have enough yarn left over from this project too that I'm making a scarf when I feel adventurous, lol.

Anywho, just a quick note to say I haven't given up crafting, and I haven't forgotten this blog.  Just still waiting!  If you are interested on how things are going in my personal life, I tend to post more on my other blog, Learning To Love Me, and try to keep this one simply about crafting.  Hope everyone in the US enjoys Thanksgiving, and I'll post any new projects as I complete them!  =)