Saturday, May 29, 2010

Color Inspiration Challenge

So Kristina Werner over at her blog does color inspiration challenges every once and a while. This time around the colors that you have to use are based on a photograph that a reader of her blog took. I loved the picture...but had such a hard time with the colors and getting them to work together for me. This was definitely a difficult first challenge for me on her blog! After four scrapped cards I finally came up with this one, which I am quite proud of I might add!

Products used:
~ Maya Mist in Purple
~ American Crafts White Embossing Powder
~ MSE Occasional Brackets Clear Stamp Set
~ The Paper Studio Gemstones Flowers Blue
~ Scrap blue paper and ribbon
~ Green Sharpie (even though it's hard to see in the picture the gem in the middle of the flower I colored green, I promise it's easier to see in person!)

I'm going to be posting again soon with scrapbook pages, more cards, and maybe even some baking! My Memorial Day weekend is going to be spent catching up on this stuff since it had taken a backseat during the school year! Have a safe and fun weekend! =)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weekly Card - Birthday Card

Just a simple birthday card this week.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


That's right I admit it, I'm a 27 year old who crochets...and likes it!!! My mother knits and crochets, so I remember as a child watching every winter as she pulled out her craft items, knitting needles, crochet hooks, and counted cross stitch kits. Now I have tried all of them through the years and it seems that the only one that I really have the patience for crochet. In my teens I attempted counted cross stitch...the first attempt is still lying in a box somewhere at my parents home unfinished. I also tried knitting in my teems. My mother felt that this would be easier than crochet to begin with...the wonky scarf is most likely buried with the cross stitch effort. I was so frustrated with my knitting efforts that I didn't attempt crochet until a few years ago. A good friend of mine was having a baby and at the time my mother was on a big crochet I asked her to teach me how to make a baby blanket for her. Both the baby and her mother loved it!

After I made that first blanket I found out I had to have knee surgery and would be in bed for about a week...I needed something to do. So it began and hasn't stopped since. I slow down over the summer, and depending on my school load, I usually make two to three full sized blankets a year, three or four baby/lap blankets, and a hand full of scarfs. I hope to get a table at an annual craft fair in a nearby city this winter and sell some of the ones that I have accumulated. I'm also going to try and post some on my Etsy shop and see if they sell there at all.

Anywho, after the past six months or so I have finally finished my most recent blanket. Although making all the pieces wasn't a big deal, piecing them together took quite a while, especially with finals this year. I love the way that it turned out though! Next time I use this pattern I might make it a little larger since it is a bit of a lap blanket but the pattern I think is beautiful! Now I get to begin on a new crochet project which makes me really happy!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekly Card: Mother's Day Card

So I tried to post a card making video weekly a few months ago...then my camera died. So after a break I have solved the technical difficulties and I'm back to trying to make and record at least one card a week.

This was filmed before Mother's Day but I went home to visit my family and didn't get it edited and posted before I left. Now that I have it finished, even though it is after Mother's Day, I thought I would share it with you. I'm a bit of a create as you go type of card maker so you'll see different materials that weren't used in the final card. Often I do this, and have even attached things to cards and taken them off when I change my mind.

If you want to see past weekly cards you can find them on my YouTube channel,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The First Post

All right so I am trying something new, I have a YouTube page (, and an Etsy site ( so I thought a blog would be the next logical step in my creative internet postings. I have no idea how dedicated I will end up being with this since in the past I have had a lot of problems being motivated to continue to do projects but I thought I might be a little more dedicated to this since it might help me in the long run. Who knows if anyone will actually follow this though. So I guess I should give a little background information for those that might not know.

I'm a 27 year old graduate student studying Educational Psychology. Basically learning about why people learn. I know it sounds really dorky, and is, but I enjoy it and one day hope to work for Sesame Workshop, or someone like them, creating educational children's television shows like Sesame Street. I'm a kid at heart which is most likely why I have so many hobbies, I have always loved creating something out of nothing. I'm a chronic insomniac, so many posts may show up at the wee hours of the morning but I tend to get more done at 3am than I do at 3pm. This also explains why many papers for school are written in one all night session in one sitting rather than over the three month span of class. This also explains a lot of my grammar and spelling errors, but not all of them, I don't spell well and grammar was never a strong subject for me. I'm rambling though...

I got into paper crafting to save money. I wanted to make my own holiday cards so I bought a rubber stamp, pre-made card bases, and got to work. My first cards were crude, but they served their purpose and got me into the hobby. When my sister decided to make a scrapbook for my grandparents wedding anniversary I decided to help. I discovered a new world of designer papers, embellishments, and ribbons. I was hooked and now have more money tied up in the hobby than I would like to admit (I buy a lot of things that I "think" I will use one day). My sister and I have card making days when she comes to visit and we have a blast. I try to do a weekly video on my YouTube channel, Weekly Card, and I also sell some of the finished products on my Etsy site. Here's just a peek at some of my work:

As I begin to post about my other hobbies I will try and give you a background about how I got into them as well. For tonight though I think one hobby is enough to talk about. =)