Friday, February 17, 2012

I Get My Craft Stuff Back!!!!

I get my craft stuff back soon!!!!!  I'm moving to Denver, Colorado March 2nd.  I don't have a job or place to live yet, but I'm going to make it work since I know I am supposed to be there.  All this is great, but the big thing is, I get my craft stuff back and out of storage!!!!!  This might make me more happy than actually moving there, lol.  It will take me a little while to get settled, and to get my studio set up again.  Once I do though, look out!

In the mean time, if you are on Facebook be sure to check out my page and "like" it.  I'm posting my crafts there before I post them to Etsy at a reduced rate, and no shipping.  Right now it's only crocheting since that's what I've had available to me here, but once my studio is set up again I'll be sure to post all the different crafts that I do!  Visit

Can't wait to start posing all kinds of things again soon!!!! =)