Friday, August 20, 2010

Christmas is Coming Early...

Well Christmas cards at least. I decided with school starting again, stores beginning to put their Halloween merchandise out, and hopefully cooler temperatures on the horizon that I needed to start preparing for the holiday's. Since I'm planning to sell cards at the Hanover College Craft Fair I needed to increase my stock of holiday cards since I imagine they might sell well that time of year. So I got myself into a crafting mood and began work on some cards that I wanted to make last year but never got around to. I made five different designs, and three of each design. I don't know yet if I will be selling them as a collection or individually, but I think they look fairly cute.

So I'll be posting more holiday cards as time goes on. Since it seems like I am back in a creative mood I think I may be posting more crafts soon. I'm almost done with a new afghan which I think is super cute so I know that will be posted as soon as I finish it! Merry Christmas in August! =)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jen's Creative Corner

So a little while ago my sister came to visit me again, and she was a card making fool! Although I have begun to get my creative juices flowing again, I'm still not crafting as much as I would like. Since I am planning to have a table at the Hanover College craft fair to see afghans, and cards I really need to get a move on! Recent events though have moved me more and more away from my love, and I'm not really okay with that. Health issues, and vehicle issues seem to have taken over my life! I'm trying, and some nights I'm a crafting fool, but most nights I spend sitting in front of my television vegged out. In any case, my sister has had no problems finding her creative juices and created these cards on her recent trip.

She even made a mini-album that she was going to fill with pictures when she got home. She got this idea from the mini-album that I began while she was working on her cards. Although I have completed this mini-album it's a gift for a friend, and since I have a sneaking suspicion that she reads this I'll post pictures once I have given it to her. =)

Eventually my "genius" and I will stop fighting each other and I will be back in my normal crafting, love. Right now though, I want to strangle the little bugger!!! =)