Friday, January 28, 2011

What happened?!?!

All right, I hate the fact that every time I feel like I am getting ahead in things, for some reason a few days later I feel like I have fallen so far behind that I'm barely staying above water! I don't mind what put me behind this time, but I sure feel like I've been playing catch-up ever since. I really enjoy traveling home to visit friends and family, but I never seem to get anything done when I am there and then I come home to three times the work that needs to get done! It's time for me to stay put for a while!

So because of this I have done very little to stay up to date with my crafting, and keeping the Etsy site current. My goal for February is to find my balance again! Although I haven't gotten very far with the quilt I've been working on, I am finally piecing it together, a very little bit at a time, and it is actually beginning to look like a quilt!! Yay, lol! Here's a photo update:

No new cards, scrapbook pages, or pictures to post. This disappoints me since we all know how much I enjoy all of those activities. The fact is that I am quickly approaching graduation and that means finding a "real" job, moving, and beginning to pay back the thousands *eek!* of dollars that I borrowed to get this degree I am horrified I won't find a job in! Although this is all the more reason to do the things that I enjoy and take my mind off of things, I always have been a little backwards.

Enough worrying about my future for today, I won't be graduating if I don't get caught up with my homework which is really what I should be doing right now rather than writing this. Just think only 7 more weeks till spring break...ugh!!!

(Sorry this kind of turned into a rant more than an update on my creative side. I promise I will try to do better at not doing this, but I just have a lot on my mind right now.)

Also please let me know what you think of the new design of the blog, it's a work in progress! =)

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