Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Love My Sentiments Exactaly!!!

So Thursday I went to my mailbox expecting to find the usual junk mail and bills combo, I discovered something much better though! Inside I found a large envelope from Adrienne at MSE, it was the rub-on's that I had won on her blog! Needless to say I rushed back into the house and began to play. So for the past two days I have been playing with my new Rubz, and no joke I LOVE them, and not just because they were free. Some rub-on when you peal them off of the backer sheet will stick to anything and you have no hopes of repositioning them, others have the opposite problem and seem to not want to stick to anything. MSE's are perfect, I can reposition the rub-on's if I need too, and you don't need crazy muscles to put them on. They are also made for card makers so there are phrases intended for the inside and outside of cards. I strongly encourage you to check them out.

Some of the rubz were religious themed and I don't tend to make a lot of religious cards for my friends, but since my mother works in a nursing home as a chaplin I thought that she might be able to use them, so I used up an entire sheet of rubz and will be sending these cards to her to pass out there.

I also made some cards that didn't use the rubz when I ran out of the religious ones.

The phrase on the last card, "Always & Forever" is from a MSE clear stamp set. I told you, I love them! I think this may be the most cards I have made in a long time! I hope that you enjoy them and I have a feeling with a weekend with only a little homework, new rub-on's, and bad weather I'm going to be doing a lot more cardmaking so keep your eyes peeled for more!

Oh and thanks again Adrienne!!!!!! =)


  1. These are beautiful cards, Liza! Love, Aunt Jayne

  2. Hi Liza--Jayne gave me your blog address in an e-mail! Super cute!