Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So most people spend their evenings making a quick meal and vegging out in front of the television. Me I study and cook. Paper crafts have had a hard time finding their way into my schedule since classes began, but I have been a crocheting machine, and I've been cooking a lot. For instance this evening I made chicken pot-pies. Fairly simple, but it sure feels like a meal that is special.

These will feed me by the way, for the rest of the month I think! I really enjoy cooking, and love cooking for other people but I don't get a lot of visitors. :-( Yes I am trying to guilt you all to come and visit me. ;-) I even create my own recipes and I'm thinking I should people to test them out since I've dabbled with the idea of seeing if I could get a cookbook published. I dream big, lol.

In other news I crocheted a baby blanket with some leftovers from Jennifer's blanket. It's uber adorable and has a hood, which I have found out a lot of moms really like. I haven't photographed it yet but this is what it looks like, only in red.

That's all I've got for now, but as the school year continues I hope that I'll be able to post a few times a month. Now to go enjoy my creation, and watch some TV shows that are premiering! Yay for Criminal Minds, and the Big Bang Theory tomorrow night!!! =)

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  1. You are amazing....I see you've inherited your mother's creativity and then some! Love, Aunt Jayne