Friday, November 2, 2012

The Holiday's Are Coming!!!

So I know it's been a while since I've posted anything here on the blog, if you haven't done so already be sure to "Like" the Handmade Heart Facebook page.  It's becoming easiest to post quick updates there in a few sentences, rather than taking more time to post here on the blog which often takes longer to write.  I'll still blog here, it's just not always going to have the most up to date info is all.

Anywho!  First of all I've been crazy busy with projects lately! This is great, but mostly they've been personal projects.  I'm making all my holiday gifts this year so that has been a little challenging since I seem to love to bite off more than I can chew sometimes, lol.  Because they are gifts I can't really show you a lot of the progress, but I can show you some.

For instance, remember a few months ago I talked about making a Super Mario Brothers quilt? Well I'm making progress on it.  It's been a slow process since I discovered it really works out best to use an interfacing to keep the small squares lined up correctly and easier to sew.  The problem with this was that the interfacing that I needed was to get enough to make the quilt would be REALLY expensive.  So slowly I've been getting it when it was on sale, or when I had a coupon to help the cost stay down.  I recently got a donation from my family though of two beautiful rolls of the interfacing to help finish the project in time for when I go home to visit so I'm chugging along with that.  Only five more characters to go!!!

I also recently finished a baby gift.  My sisters former college roommate, and her close friend, is pregnant with her second child!  I consider this woman to be my second sister, when I was a preteen and would go and visit my sister in the dorms she never seemed to mind me being there...and it was always fun to have someone else to tease my sister with. ;-)  So naturally I had to make something special for her.  Because of various projects I didn't really have the time to make something totally from scratch before the baby is due in December.  So I found a cute kit that I could easily make and personalize with the baby's name.  She recieved it the other day and seems to love it!  =)

Also recently my sorority held a fundraiser for our foundation.  A painting studio that teaches everyone how to paint the same picture donated some of the studio fees for us being there to the foundation.  It was a great way for me to help a cause I care for, get creative, and socialize with new friends.  Although the painting wasn't really something that I would normally do, I decided that if it turned out too horibably I'd just give it to my parents as a gift.  As parents they have to love everything I make, I think there's a code or something they have to follow.  It's not too bad, but not my best work ever.  Since I have no use for a painting of a wine glass I think I'm still going to give it away as a gift.  It was a fun evening none the less and something I think I will be doing again in the future...maybe my birthday in January? =)

For those of you that know me, you know that I tend to have multiple projects going at once.  Well with the holiday's coming up this means super overdrive, and a LOT or projects going at once.  I'll be posting a lot of fun holiday items on Facebook in the coming weeks, but I also will be working on more gifts (sorry can't show you them yet) and some non-holiday items too.  This is the beginning of a wall hanging I started a few weeks ago.  I have it all pieced now, just have to find the time to quilt and bind it soon.  It's a super fun Dr. Suess's the Lorax piece that I think would be great for a kid of any age.  Hopefully I'll get that done before the holiday's and posted soon.

That's not all either!  I have a list of about 15 different projects I've yet to begin that I want to do!  Somehow I don't think that I'll be bored over the winter!  I finally got a steady job in Colorado, at least through January, so my crafting time is going to have to be better managed, but I'm hoping to get some great things going for the new year!

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