Monday, July 2, 2012

Farmers Markets?

Hey everybody! Sorry things have been a little sparse lately, the fact is that although I love Handmade Heart I can't survive on the income from this business alone.  So I've had a busy couple of weeks interviewing for jobs and dealing with other of life's many stresses!

I have still been crafting though.  I'm currently working on an order of a crocheted hat and scarf made from some amazing yarn!  I've also been working on some other quilted bags for special orders and just for fun.  Apparently purses are the thing right now, and I'm good with that since they are quick projects for the most part.  I'll be post a few that I have made on Facebook for sale, but there are some on my Etsy business page too so be sure to check both places out if you are interested in a handmade, hand quilted purse.

In other new, I personally love farmers markets!  I think they are a great way to get local, fresh items in your community.  Farmers markets don't seem to be a popular around here for fresh produce, I guess that's mainly because of the limited growing season.  The markets tend to have a lot of local artists and premade goods at them though.  This got me thinking, maybe I should think about a booth at one of these markets to sell some of the items that I have made.  Although I don't have a lot, and I don't think I'd sell a lot of afghans or full quilts (frankly who wants that stuff in the summer!) I do think I could sell some cards, purses, and clothing.  What do you guys think?  Should I consider getting a table for a few weeks?  Let me know!

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated about what I'm making/learning, and know that even when I do get a "big girl" job Handmade Heart will still be very important.  <3

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